Free Guide: What is the Whyte Review and what does it mean to you?

Explore the most notable recommendations raised within the review, what they mean for all sporting organisations, and how they can be addressed effectively.

The Whyte Review was commissioned in 2020 in the wake of numerous allegations of maltreatment by elite gymnasts. The fallout came in response to the Athlete A documentary released on Netflix. The resulting snowball effect revealed that it wasn’t just elite gymnastics that had been treated in abusive ways, but that members based at the grassroots level, in the thousands of gymnastics clubs all around the UK, had also been subjected to abusive coaching practises.

In June 2022, Anne Whyte QC, aided by Mike Cave and Tonia Couch, released her much anticipated review into the institutional failings of British Gymnastics, looking particularly at issues surrounding member welfare, safeguarding issues, and the lack of complaint resolution.

Further guides will follow over the coming months, where we will be exploring each area of recommendation in greater detail and mapping out how organisations can make the changes in line with the two-year timetable referenced by Anne Whyte QC.

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